Harvest 2020 Lifetime and Honorary Award Inductees

At this year’s Annual General Meeting, Harvest has unveiled its list of inductees for the Lifetime and Honorary awards.

Honorary Members are in recognition of outstanding service to Harvest. Their contribution to the organization and the cultural community of the City of Fredericton is acknowledged and appreciated. This year’s Honorary Members are:

Susana Rojas – The Ginger Agency

Manuel Martin – The Ginger Agency

Adriana Spragg – The Ginger Agency

Deisys Tejada – The Ginger Agency

Daniel Troconis – The Ginger Agency

Tina Murphy & The TD Ready Commitment



Lifetime Members are in recognition of outstanding service beyond the call of duty, the spirit of community service and encouragement of the citizens of Fredericton in the cultural appreciation of jazz and blues music. This year’s Lifetime Members are:

Fruteland Jackson – Music Educator

Max Guerette – Signature Sound

Andy Shaw – Finance