Music Festival


Check back often as FAQ’s will be updated throughout the summer.


  1. Are there COVID-19 protocols in place for the 2024 festival?
    Well-fitting N95 masks are encouraged in all Harvest Music Festival venues, partner venues, and throughout the Harvest Street Experience. Harvest reserves the right to implement measures to protect the health and safety of patrons, artists, volunteers, and staff. We will follow all government-mandated health & safety rules related to COVID-19. We ask that patrons who feel unwell, or are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms stay home. Last updated March 26, 2024.


  1. When and where do tickets and passes go on sale?
    Tickets and passes are available for purchase online or by calling Ticketpro at 1-888-311-9090.
  2. Do ticket prices include taxes and fees?
    No. Taxes and fees will be added to the ticket price at check-out.
  3. Well, the Ultimate sold out and I didn’t get one. So I’m pretty much out of luck, right?
    It’s hard to predict year-to-year when Ultimates will sell out, but they do. Once they’re gone, there’s always individual tickets on sale, and tons of other programming through our Pubs and Clubs series and the Fredericton’s Own Stage.
  4. What if a show is sold out—can I still get in with my pass?
    Yes, having an Ultimate Pass means you are guaranteed admission to the Blues, Barracks, and Mojo Tents even if tickets are sold out. We have lots of complex algorithms in play to figure out our capacities, making sure there’s enough room for you to groove to the tunes without being crammed in like sardines.
  5. What if a show is NOT sold out, but I don’t have a ticket yet? Can I buy them at the door?
    Absolutely, no problem! Heads up: door sales are card only, so bring your debit or credit card along.
  6. How do I receive my Ultimate Pass?
    Passes will be ready for pickup in August. Stay tuned for details on Harvest Store location and hours.
  7. What do I do with my print-at-home tickets?
    Your print-at-home ticket works in the same way as any other ticket you would purchase. The printed tickets will be accepted at the door of the event you are attending. If, however, you printed off an Ultimate Pass voucher, you will have to redeem that voucher to receive your pass BEFORE you can get into shows. Details on how to receive your physical 2024 Ultimate Pass are coming soon!
  8. Are there any free shows at the festival?
    Of course! More details will follow later this summer. You can count on our Fredericton’s Own Stage (in front of City Hall) which features free shows with up-and-coming Fredericton artists throughout the weekend, as well as the Kings Place Stage. There will also be free performances put on by our partners at The Hilton as part of our Pubs & Clubs series. And finally, there will be plenty of busking downtown during the festival!


  1. What will the festival look like this year?
    Ticketed performances will take place in The Coors Light Blues Tent, The Ginger Agency Barracks, the TD Mojo Tent, and the TD Marquee Stage at The Playhouse.We’ll be offering free programming throughout the week at the Tony George Jazz Stage at The Hilton Garden Inn Fredericton Downtown, the Kings Place Stage, and the Fredericton’s Own Stage in front of City Hall. Downtown partners will have a full slate of programming all week long as part of the Pubs & Clubs series.The Rocket Street Experience will take place on Queen St. and Carlton St. to offer you a prime selection of  local and visiting artisans and food vendors, and tons of buskers. Basically, you’d be hard-pressed to visit downtown during Harvest and not hear great live music everywhere you go!
  2. Wait! Did you say the Mojo Tent is back?
    It sure is!
  3. I’ve never been to Harvest—what should I expect?
    Expect exceptional maritime hospitality! Our audiences are a fleece-wearing, beer drinking, music loving kind of crowd whose enthusiasm blows our artists away and brings out the best performance in them. Harvest means a week of letting loose, taking in tunes, and having one heck of a time!
  4. Where can I see the full festival schedule?
    The current schedule is available here! You can expect more details about our free programming, the Fredericton’s Own Stage, and a Pubs & Clubs series mid-summer.
  5. I just heard a killer band on the Harvest stage, and I want to buy their album! Where can I find it?
    We sell artist merch in the tents during most shows. Beyond that, Backstreet Records and The Cap
    are great, locally operated Fredericton music stores. Backstreet and The Cap are actually just beyond the festival footprint on Queen St. – they could surely help you with your music purchasing needs.
  6. I think I’ve lost something. What do I do?
    Reach out to us at or by phone at 506-454-2583. Remaining lost and found items are kept at our office for a few months before being donated to charity. 


  1. Can I bring in outside beverages?
    Outside beverages are not permitted in the venues, and will be confiscated at the door. Harvest reserves the right to check bags at the entrances, so to avoid delays, please do not try to bring outside beverages in. At all our 19+ shows, we have stocked bars with a selection of beer, radlers, ciders and coolers.
  2. Can I bring in outside food?
    Food cannot be brought into the venues but we promise you won’t go hungry! There are lots of local and visiting food vendors on the street closures, as well as a number of restaurants in the downtown area.
  3. So no food and drink, but can I bring…

    My camera?

    That depends on the camera! Does it have a large professional lens? Please don’t bring it. Does it fit in your pocket (like a small point-and-shoot)? You’re probably safe. Is it your phone? You’re golden! Please keep in mind – some artists (especially the big acts) request absolutely NO photography so at times, we have to be more strict than others.


    It depends on the event! The Barracks Tent is all-ages, all the time! Our late shows at the Blues and Mojo Tent are 19+ but suppertime shows (the ones beginning around 5-6pm) are all ages! Minors older than 2 years may attend The Playhouse shows. Otherwise, all of our free programming is all-ages! Children will need their own ticket when attending ticketed events.
    Children under 12 must wear a mask at all times when in the venue.Please note: even when accompanied by a parent/legal guardian, anyone under the age of 19 will NOT be permitted to enter our 19+ shows

    When in doubt, double-check the schedule, or reach out to us at

Seating (like lawn chairs)?
We ask that you don’t bring your own seats to tented venues. We will have bleachers, picnic tables and other seating available.

No pets are permitted on festival grounds with the exception of service animals.

Selfie Sticks?
While we appreciate a good selfie as much as the next person, selfie sticks are not permitted in our venues.

You’re permitted to bring small bags into Harvest, but be aware that security may search bags upon entrance.


  1. Is there medical staff at Harvest?
    There is! If you require medical attention, please let any volunteer know. There is a first aid tent within the Blues Tent and we have paramedics on-site throughout the festival as well. 
  2. I’ve been drinking at Harvest/it’s getting late… how do I get home safely?
    You’ll definitely want to check out our FREE ANBL Safe Ride! In association with ANBL and the City of Fredericton, we’re pleased to offer free bus transportation to bring festival goers downtown and get them home safely at the end of the night. An ANBL Safe Ride schedule will be available later this summer.
  3. Does Harvest have accessibility measures in place?
    Harvest continues to review accessibility at our festival and take steps with the intention of creating safer and inclusive space for people of all abilities. For details and information on accessibility measures at this year’s festival, please check out our Accessibility Guide!
  4. Is there someplace I can be dropped off closer to the festival grounds?
    If you require a closer drop-off due to medical reasons, there is an accessible drop-off location in front of City Hall on York St. Security will permit cars through the road closure at York St. and Queen St. for this purpose. Please note that we do not have any parking available at the festival – this is a drop-off location only.
  5. Does Harvest have a Safer Spaces policy?
    We do! Harvest is dedicated to fostering community amongst all festival patrons, artists, volunteers, staff, sponsors and Board Members. Harvest is committed to delivering a festive and welcoming experience for people of every ability, age, colour, gender, gender expression, income level, language, physical appearance, place of origin, race, religion, and sexual orientation. Everyone has the right to feel safe and free from harm, and feel a sense of belonging at Harvest.You can find our complete Safer Spaces Policy here.
  6. Someone has made me feel uncomfortable at Harvest. What do I do?
    Harvest does not tolerate abusive, harmful, or oppressive behaviour or language from patrons, artists, volunteers, staff, sponsors or our Board of Directors. Any participation in harmful behaviour is grounds for removal from festival venues without a refund and may result in a ban of passholder privileges and/or a permanent ban from Harvest. If you witness abusive, discriminatory, or troubling behaviour at Harvest, please speak to one of our Safer Spaces Volunteers (you’ll be able to identify them by their special shirts), or any other volunteer. You can find Safer Spaces Volunteers at the Blues Tent near admissions as well as at the Safer Spaces Tent on Carlton St.

FAQ’s Updated: March 26, 2024