Tickets & Passes on-sale April 20

Tickets & Passes for the 2023 Harvest Music Festival will go on sale Thursday April 20th at 11am (AST) and can be purchased online via Ticketpro, or by calling 1-888 311-9090.

Tickets and Passes are currently not available for purchase in person at the Harvest office.

Here are some important best practices for online ticket buying:

1. The ticket buying link is: (note: do NOT put www. before the web address).

2. Create your Ticketpro account and/or retrieve your account password before April 20th in order to purchase. Signing up before the on-sale will save you time when purchasing passes, and all you will have to do is sign in with your username and password. You can create your account, or reset your password on an existing account if needed, here:

3. Transactions must be completed within 12 minutes. Please note: putting tickets in your purchase basket does not “reserve” tickets indefinitely; it only reserves your tickets for 12 minutes, so you have time to complete the transaction.

4. There is a maximum purchase limit of 8 items per pass/ticket (i.e., max 8 Ultimates per transaction).

5. Please note: ticket prices do not include taxes or fees.

6. Refrain from using “back” and “forward” buttons in the browser. Those buttons only display screens that have been displayed previously, but do not necessarily reflect the present ticket/pass availability.

7. Confirmation emails are sent after your purchase. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 15 minutes of your purchase, check your junk mail. If your confirmation is not there then you may have provided an incorrect email address. You can verify the information you’ve provided by accessing your account with this link:

8. Virtual Waiting Room – If you arrive on the website before tickets are on sale, or if there is high demand for tickets or passes, Ticketpro will welcome you into a Virtual Waiting Room. When the sale begins, you will be assigned a place in the ticket-buying queue, and will have the opportunity to buy when it is your turn.

Check out this video to learn more about Ticketpro’s Virtual Waiting Room.